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Peppa Pig Ferris Wheel Set Play House Swing PVC Action Toys

Are you thinking about giving your baby a birthday present or a New Year’s Eve present? If your baby is a fan of the animated series “Peppa Pig”, the game set with his favorite characters will be a welcome gift for him! The long-awaited weekend has come, and Peppa’s piggyback has gathered with little George and parents in the parkā€¦Become a participant of this walk your child will be helped by the game set “Peppa’s piggy on the Ferris wheel”.

The set includes four toys (Peppa, George, Mom, Dad), Ferris wheel, swing, rocking horse. Pig figures can be put, planted, moved handles and legs. The wheel of a review rotates, in booths it is possible to distribute all characters. The wheel is folded and disassembled. The swing moves, the horse swings.

Bright game set will brighten up your baby’s leisure time, filling his life with new emotions. After all, now your child will not only be a spectator of the cartoon, but also will become the creator and actor of new series, played by him. In the game can take part and children who came to visit, and parents. The small size of these toys allows children to take them for a walk. Such plot and role-playing games develop speech skills, abilities and imagination of the baby, expand his horizons. And joint family games will contribute to the development of trust and understanding between parents and children.

Give the game set “Peppa’s Pig on the Ferris wheel” to your child and you will see his happy eyes!

The product is certified and made of safe plastic. Recommended for children over 3 years old.

Sold in a gift box.

Ingredients: PVC

Country: China