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Peppa pig George Family Pack Dad Mom Piggy teacher Action Figure Toys Original Pelucia Anime Toys Set For Kids children

What can bring more joy to a child than the bright figures of your favorite cartoon characters?

And if these toy pretty little ones are a whole family and they look as if they have left the screen or even more interesting?

After all, pigs of the Peppa family and their friends are almost like real ones. Feet and pens are movable, eyes, nose and mouth are well-drawn.

The material of the figures is polyvinylchloride. This means that you can swim in the bathroom with them, and take them with you to the country house, the beach and on a visit. Toys are of high quality and will not break. They are easy to wash, and you can prodizenfitsiruet.

Funny pig figures take up children for a long time. They come up with interesting stories and the more characters, the more interesting. Especially since the cartoon is very kind. And Peppa’s mumps have a large and friendly family (than not an example to follow): the mumps themselves Peppa, George her younger brother, Mom and Daddy’s pig. They also have a grandparents. Heroes of the cartoon are not only pigs. After all, they have many friends. This is and goat Gabriella, and Wendy Wolf, Mrs. Cowboy, Rabbit Rebecca, Mr. Rhinoceros and many others.

Imagine how much fun it would be if this fun company stayed at your house!

After all, you can buy a whole collection of these interesting figures.

Children love to play in school. The set includes school desks and benches. And also a blackboard. How interesting it will be for children to sit toy students in places, ask them questions and put marks.

But even the youngest children will be attracted by these figures with bright colors and cute faces.

A set of figures of Peppa’s pig family and her friends can be ordered on the Aliexpress. It will be packed in a polyurethane bag with open pores.