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Peppa Pig George Friend School Desk Set Toys Piggy Teacher Action Figure Model Dolls Family Set Children High Quality Toy Gifts 3.0

Game set “Peppa pig at school” will please all the little fans of the animated series. For many years, modern guys are happy to watch and review funny stories from the life of pigs and her friends.

Now the children can not only watch the favorite characters on the TV screen, but also come up with and play out new fascinating stories. Preschoolers will be interested to feel like students and teachers, playing with figures of different animals, to visit the lessons of mathematics and grammar, drawing and literature. A large number of figures in this set will allow you to play a friendly children’s company. Adults will be interested in watching the unfolding of actions, as well as feel like students themselves by joining the game. And through the games of junior high school students, adults can get information about their school life. Such role-playing games develop creativity and imagination of kids, expand their vocabulary and outlook. Joint games between parents and children contribute to the creation of warmer and more trusting relationships in the family.

The kit includes figures of thirteen animals, this Peppa, her friends and teacher Mrs. Gazelle. Toys can stand and sit, move arms and legs. The compact size of the toys allows you to take them with you for walks and travels.

The gaming set is made of quality and safe plastic.

The product is certified.

The set includes:

13 figures
Six desks.
Six benches.
1 game board

Material: PVC

Country: China

Dimensions: 391611CM