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Peppa’s pig is the heroine of a fascinating cartoon series. Now Peppa together with his friends can be in your home. With this set you get not only the figure of the most famous pig in the world, but also her parents. All the figures in this set are made in a perfect way. At the same time, they are qualitatively painted and first-class complement each other.

Figures Peppa and her loyal friends are not all. For a full set – a large and spacious house, where you can easily put all the pigs, will be just the right time. This house has everything: living room, kitchen, bath, bedroom and Peppa’s room. All this beauty is complemented by a spacious lawn, where there is an early breakfast table, sun lounger and even a swimming pool.

For movement of Peppa and her friends you can get a toy car, which can easily fit the famous pig and its entire company. You can ride Peppa in a fast, open top car, in a minivan or in a wheelhouse. All models of cars ride perfectly and without problems contain figures of heroes.

For long journeys, a set with a large plane and four figures of pigs, Peppa and her family is available. The airplane opens easily and hospitably allows all pigs aboard. The only thing left to do is to choose the place where Peppa and her friends will fly.

In addition to traveling, Peppa must go to school. There is also a school set. It includes friends of pigs, school desks, a board and a teacher with a pointer. Everything is like in a real school. Sit the students down as you like and start the lesson.