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If your child likes to play cars and watch Peppa’s Piggy Cartoon, you can combine the pleasures with the benefits and buy your child a Pppa Piggy and Picnic Kit as a gift. This set will help your baby to diversify his leisure time and play a role-playing game with friends and favorite cartoon characters.

The following elements are included in the set of toys:

The car is red, pink or blue;
Picnic accessories: dishes, food;
Piglet figurines: Peppa Pig, Mama Pig, Papa Pig, Children;

Toys are made of high quality PVC, so they are practical, durable and resistant to wear and tear. All elements are painted with special non-toxic paints, so the toy is hypoallergenic and completely safe for the child’s health. The toy is recommended for children from 5 years old, as there are small details. This set develops a child’s fine motor skills, perseverance, attention and imagination. To play with this set it is possible both alone, and with the company of other kids, it will learn your child to communicate and to co-operate with children’s collective. The car is easily assembled according to the instructions attached to the toy, and the figures of piglets are as similar as possible to the characters of the cartoon.

If you want to order such a toy for your child, you can open a catalog, choose the machine of the color you are interested in and make an order with delivery. You can pay for the order in cash or by bank transfer, delivery of toys is made throughout Russia.