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If you want to make an interesting gift for your baby, a bus with a picture of Peppa’s Pigs and figures of these cartoon characters. The toy is made of quality plastic and painted with special, non-toxic colors, so it is completely safe for the health of babies. The bus is notable for its nice, bright design, and the set includes all the characters of this cartoon. If your child loves this cartoon, this gift will be a real joy for him!

The bus with the image of Peppa the Pig is a great toy with a number of advantages:

bright, juicy colors;
A lot of toys in the set;
Absence of too small details;
Practicality and durability of the material;

The toy is equipped with glowing headlights, so it will be interesting and entertaining to play with even in the dark. The toy bus is resistant to damage and wear, so your baby can play with it for years to come. With this charming set you can play alone or in the company of other children, so that the toy also develops communication skills. You can seat your favorite cartoon characters in the cabin and roll them all over the house, accompanied by the sound of “b-beep” and the voices of your favorite pigs. The toy will be useful both for home use and for a group of kindergarten or development center.

Delivery of toys is made all over Russia, the cost is specified in the catalog in the description to the product. Payment is accepted in cash and by bank transfer. With a bulk order of 20 pieces, the buyer receives a 30% discount on the entire order.