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If your baby likes to play in the bathroom, a toy set of Peppa Pigs with a miniature bath, cartoon piglets and swimming circles will be a very welcome gift for him! This set is made of high-quality PVC plastic, so all the details are durable, practical, durable and resistant to wear and tear, including humidity in the bathroom. Painted with environmentally friendly, non-toxic paints, these toys do not cause allergies and are completely safe for the child’s health.

Pigs in this set – a real copy of cartoon characters, as bright, cute and cute as they are known to children. The game set includes the following details:

Bath with shower;
figurines of piglets;
Swimming circles;

With this toy baby can play as one, and with other children, inventing different interesting stories and dialogues between the characters. The toy develops in children fine motor skills, imagination and creative thinking. Play with this set can be both at home and in kindergarten to entertain a small group of children. The toy is suitable for children from 5 years old, as it contains small details.

Included with the toy is the packaging and instructions for assembling the bath, thanks to which the baby can quickly cope with this task. If you want to order a toy bath Pig Peppa, you can do it through the catalog. The cost of the toy is specified in the description of the product. Delivery of toys series Peppa Pig is made throughout Russia, payment is accepted in cash and on a cashless basis.