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Naive for grown-ups, but very sweet to heart cartoon about Peppe’s mumps from the first notes of the sound screen saver calls its audience to the screens. But not to sit at the TV all day, and part with your favorite characters so do not want to … In addition, the adventures of the grunting family and their friends invented a lot, but the children’s imagination is able to create situations for many more.

Immediately transfer the heroes to the hot islands, the North Pole or any other country in the world can, of course, the plane! A wonderful toy with a lot of small details, and opening doors, transparent windows, tilting hatches, will delight the child. The interior of the aircraft is 35 cm long and 18.5 cm high and can be changed by installing seats for six passengers on charter flights or by equipping a comfortable cabin for family travel.

A hanging hook-and-colve cradle for the youngest passengers looks very nice, and the lifeguard easily becomes an entertainment slide. The plane includes armchairs and sun loungers, a table with a sun umbrella, luggage for heroes and a rocking chair for toy children. In general, everything you need for a comfortable flight and funny rest of all relatives and friends of the pig Peppa.

As for the passengers, the children will not have to be upset that some of the favorites have forgotten – 11 adults and 13 little cartoon characters go to the plane. Children’s fingers will be very convenient to play with dolls of 11 and 5 cm high. By the way, there are also quite miniature, like little George, whose height is only 4 cm, which, however, will not allow you to accidentally swallow a toy.

All the details of the game set providently devoid of sharp dangerous edges, made of environmentally friendly ABS plastic and silicone. And the colors used to create the elements of light, cartoon-pastoral colors, which will have a positive impact on children’s psychological development.