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Few of the children did not watch the animated series “Peppa Pig”, telling about the daily life of mischievous piglets and their parents. What about playing with these funny characters for real? Order the Peppa’s Pig on the Car Game Pak in our store and immerse yourself in the world of adventure with these funny characters.
What’s in the kit?

You can order this set of toys in several colors:


There is also a set with a bus, which you buy and go on a picnic with your favorite characters.
If you want your child to significantly expand the flight of fancy, then pay attention to the set of characters from the animated series. The kid will be able to play with them and other toys at the same time.
The expanded set of toys is included:

a car for traveling;
A picnic set;
figures cartoon characters of the series;
Toy furniture;
A set of stickers.

All toys are made of hypoallergenic plastic. You can not fear that your child will harm their health by playing them. All car doors are firmly fixed. It will be difficult for your child to break them down.
Who will the set of toys be suitable for?

Since the toys are large enough (the height of the figures reaches 10-12 s), you can buy this set for your child from the second year of life, without fear that he will swallow or breathe in the small details.
Careful: Keep toys away from open flames.
Give your baby the joy of communicating with his favorite characters in the animated series. Order a game set “Peppa Pig” now and will be happy, receiving the long-awaited gift.