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Children’s time is wonderful, and what is the best way to improve the mood of the kids: girls and boys? These are gifts, of course. As practice shows, in the information age of technology, where the TV is never turned off, children love to watch cartoons. Sometimes, when the series is over, and the story wants to continue, toys come to the rescue. A cartoon called “Peppa’s Pig” is one of the most instructive and kindest director’s ideas. If children become fans of a cartoon series, the parents around the clock only and hear pleas for a new series or toy.

To please your child, you can buy an interesting model of plastic ship, on which Peppa and her entire family go on a long journey.

The toy is easy to use and will suit even the smallest. But kids under a year better not to give in the hands of small figures from the ship. They may accidentally swallow them.
The ship has an interesting design: pink top, white middle and dark bottom. Papa Swin is located in front of the ship to see the horizon and in case of danger, to inform his family. The children are sitting on top and enjoying the trip, but my mother decided to rest and probably went to sleep in the hold.
The height of the product is 27 cm, and the width - 34.

Besides the compact ship it is possible to get a boat with Peppa and her relatives, and also a children’s playground, characters separately and many other toys for children. Each detail has certain dimensions, which are necessarily specified in the description.