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Peppa Pig toys Sailing Ship DiY Model Family Anime Figure Toy Set Plastic Action Figure Toys for Children pepa pig Birthday Gift

Now your child has a great opportunity to go on a fascinating water journey with the characters of the favorite animated series “Peppa Pig”.

You can swim on the amazing river that flows through all the rooms of the house or immediately start a big round-the-world trip.
Ship’s crew

Grandpa’s big blue or red ship with a deck that has room for mom, dad and two baby pigs can easily be used to travel with other toys.

Peppe’s piglet will be fun to swim with your family on the seas and rivers. And little George will also be interested in not crying and learning to swim.

Mom will have a little rest from her homework, helping the main captain of the ship – Papa Swine.

And it is possible to buy the expanded set of heroes – with the grandmother and the grandfather then mumps Peppa and her brother George can sail in turn with mum and dad or with the grandfather and grandmother.

Grandparents love the family of their daughter Svinki very much, so it is better if they are all together. Grandpa will teach children how to operate the ship, and Grandma – to cook delicious lunches.
Description of the set

It’s a novelty that fits kids 2-3 years old.

It is made of safe plastic.

Durable, not afraid of real water, so in the summer it can be taken to a summer residence or on vacation.

Together with the child you will come up with an incredible continuation of the series about Peppa mumps and the most fantastic adventures.

Dimensions – 22 x 12 x 11 cm, bright packaging.
Beneficial offer

When ordering the “Anime Family on the Ship” set, a discount is given which increases with more sets.

A great gift for New Year’s holidays, birthdays and just for fun. Let your favorite cartoon come to life in the hands of your baby.