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Peppa Pig is a delightful cartoon series, which tells about the life of a small pig Peppa. This animated series was created for children of age – 5 years old. In it in an adventurous state narrated a variety of stories and can describe the everyday moments of family members: tours, picnics, celebrations, and so on.

The plot of the cartoon is full of bright moments that instill in children the following good features:

respect for adults,

taking care of the younger ones,

a love of plants.

Cartoon in English is perfectly responsible for teaching children this language. Vivacious, brightest and funny, he fell in love with children of all ages and can help to learn English in a non-intrusive way.

The cartoon “Peppa Pig” has become the most popular children’s television cartoon series, such as the series “Puppy Patrol”, which earned, for example, in 2014, about $ 1 billion. The cartoon is so popular that it has already been translated into 40 different languages and is being broadcast worldwide.

Why should a Peppa Pig toy be bought for his child?

Peppa’s pig is a pretty temperamental heroine, like all kids: laughing loudly when she’s having fun, crying loudly, when she’s sad or hurt. With friends and girlfriends, the mumps playfully learn everything around them.

Little Peppa is a very energetic and joyful heroine: in winter she creates snowmen, can play snowballs and rolls on a sled from the slide, and in summer she walks on the meadows, plays in sandboxes, likes to swim and rides a bicycle.

Every day Peppa gets new knowledge and makes a discovery for herself, her life is full of bright emotions, but there are also small mistakes in her life and their corrections. A small piglet invites children to be more involved in her merry adventure, with her not bored. Therefore, it is so important for your child to buy a Peppa Pig.